About Hyogo(Kobe)Prefecture
Located in Western Honshu, Hyogo Prefecture is near the center of the Japanese archipelago.
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Kasai is located in Eastern Harima, an area in south-central Hyogo, about one hour from Kobe City.
Two industrial complexes with excellent conditions, South Techno-Hills Kasai and East Techno-Hills Kasai are waiting for corporations to site there.
  1. They are located between two expressways running through the main island of Japan with an arc-like shape, and near a main national road heading to the southern oceanfront area. Adjacent to three major arteries, they enjoy excellent access not only to western Japan but to various other regions.
  2. There are plenty of sales markets and the residential environment is superb.
  3. Because the two sites are public industrial complexes, any corporation locating there will be supported by local governments and entitled to various preferential systems.

P.Attractions of Hyogo-Kobe(Kasai)

@1) Transportation Access
  • Access to the Principal Cities of the World
    It is about 100 minutes from Kasai to Kansai International Airport which offers 637 flights a week to 72 cities in 32 countries of the world.
  • Access to Domestic Principal Cities
    Hyogo Prefecture is in the gKansaih bloc, the earliest civilized area in Japan.
    Since Hyogo Prefecture is located nearly to the geographical center of Japan, principal domestic cities are accessible by using railways, (the Shin-Kobe and the Himeji station of the Shinkansen line), airplanes, (Kansai International Airport or Osaka International Airport), and automobiles, (via highway networks), in a short time.
Physical Distribution
Hyogo-Kobe hosts gthe Port of Kobe,h one of the most prominent trading ports in the world, and is close to gKansai International Airport,h the second largest international airport in Japan. With its system of reinforced expressway networks, Hyogo-Kobe is a perfect location to base physical distribution or production facilities.
  • The Port of Kobe: The Leading Trading Port in Japan
    Kobe port is a leading international trading port in Japan regarding total volume of freight handling.
  • Kansai International Airport (KIX):
    The Second Largest International Airport in Japan Kansai International Airport is the second largest international airport in Japan. Opened in 1994, it is rapidly expanding its domestic share of air service.
  • -Well- Established Expressway Network
    Expressways link Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kobe in almost a straight line with approximately 580 km between Kobe and Tokyo. In addition, a network of expressways extend across Hyogo Prefecture, making Kobe, Osaka, and Tokyo accessible from various parts of the Prefecture in a short time.

2) Business Environmennt
With a gross product output of approximately 81 trillion-yen and a population of approximately 21.7 million, Kansai is the second largest economic bloc in Japan. These figures indicate that Kansai is comparable in terms of gross product and population to all major European countries.
Hyogo Prefecture is the center of the Kansai economic bloc, together with Osaka Prefecture, offering the perfect environment for a center of business production, physical distribution, and sales.
Gross Product
  • Japan: The world's second largest gross domestic product
  • Kansai: Japan's second largest economic bloc after the Kanto bloc
  • Hyogo Prefecture-ranked fifth in gross product among the 47 prefectures of Japan
Market Size
The population of the Kansai bloc exceeds 21 million people. Combined with the population of adjacent Chugoku-Shikoku bloc, the population exceeds that of Canada, while being somewhat less than that of Spain. The population of Hyogo Prefecture alone is comparable to that of Hong Kong, Israel, or Denmark. Moreover, the personal savings per household are high, making the prefecture very attractive as a sales market.
Concentration of Research and Development Institutions
Kansai is a concentrated bloc of research and development institutions, including Harima Science Garden City and Kansai Science City. These have been established in various places, with companies, universities, colleges and governments promoting active research interaction between one another.

3) Living Environment
As compared with Tokyo and Osaka, Hyogo-Kobe provides comfortable living made possible by the harmonious coexistence of city functions and nature and includes the following advantages:
  • Comfortable Housing Space
  • Short Commuting Time
  • Low Crime Rate
  • Rich in Natural Beauty
  • Well-Provided City Functions
Such excellence in living environment is made clear in light of the fact that gHyogo is consistently rated in polls to boast one of the highest standards of living in Japan.h
As well, Rokko Island provides housing for many members of the international community.
Japan is known as one of the safest among the countries of the world. Above all, the crime rate in Hyogo Prefecture has typically been almost half the rate of Tokyo or Osaka, and very low in comparison with the national average.
  • Crime Rate in Hyogo Prefecture: 52% of that of Tokyo, 18% less than national average
  • Crime Rate in Japan: one of the safest countries in the world.

4) Human Resources
There are many universities, colleges, and junior colleges in Kansai, including Kobe University, Osaka University and Kyoto University. Many excellent students are graduated from these internationally acclaimed institutions every year.

5) International
Kansai has been a Mecca of international exchange since older times. Today, about 30% of foreign residents in Japan live in Kansai area. Among the cities of Kansai, many foreign residents have chosen to live in Kobe because of its long history as an international trading port. Kobe is well-suited to non-Japanese residents, being a very convenient place to live in.
Foreign Residents in Hyogo Prefecture
Approximately 100,000 foreign residents live in Hyogo Prefecture. The population of international residents living in Hyogo is approximately 1.6% of the prefecture's total population, ranking the ratio of non-Japanese residents fourth in Japan. (Aug.2001)
Foreign Organizations and Facilities
  • Major International Schools in Hyogo Prefecture; 9schools,2600students
  • Foreign-Affiliated Companies (300+ Employees) in Hyogo Prefecture
    There are 68 foreign affiliated companies currently headquartered in Hyogo Prefecture of which the following companies are representative

2. The attraction of South & East Techno-Hills Kasai
Hyogo Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture Land Development Public Corporation, with the cooperation of Kasai City, have developed South Techno-Hills Kasai and East Techno-Hills Kasai on land endowed with human resources as well as beautiful nature, and we would like to introduce them to you.
" South" is good for large-scale industries and "East" for middle and small-scale ones. With the motto of "Environment-friendly and health-oriented industries are born on land with flowers, greenery and a clear sky," both are expected to be industrial bases where access is possible to two expressways and a national road.
Siting conditions
  1. Proximity to a massive market
  2. Plenty supporting industries
  3. Convenient transportation
  4. Sub-division, etc. may be possible.
Various preferential systems to support siting

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